Words of Healing – Are you giving enough of them?

Words of Healing

I often spend time on various social media sites looking for like mind people to connect with. I do this for a few reasons. Many times it is because I want to be available to offer words of healing to someone when they need them the most. Other times it is because I know there are times when I need to hear those words also.

Yet over the last few years, I have watched people I came to trust to be actively engaged in spreading hope and love, sink into the negativity that has permeated so much of social media. It seems most everyone is angry at something or someone. It seem most everyone has forgotten there are VERY few people who are pure evil and yet at the same time, we all have at least the ability to do evil.

Far too many people seeking a world of peace have decided that voting is negative and have chosen to not use their right to vote. Combine this with the fact that others have continued to re-vote for those whom we know have had alternative intentions and the results are we now have far too many elected officials how have ceased to look out for the people because those with alternative desires have bought and paid for them.

The key to maintaining a peaceful stance is to offer words of healing to each and every person who is walking the wrong path. Calmly share your thoughts with others of a like mind, and remember what people have done at re-election time. There is nothing wrong with using your vote to push an agenda of peace. In fact, this is the only way we will reverse the negative course our world is on.

Your commitment to these positive traits should include a commitment to ensuring our elected officials do their jobs while keeping these positive traits in mind. Use your thoughts, voice and actions that build positive reactions instead of simply perpetuating the negative whirlpool the world is sinking into.

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