Unakite Stone for crystal healing

Unakite Stone

When looking upon a highly polished gemstone, it is easy to imagine a field of green growing plants with lovely warm peach colored flowers for it often looks like a slice of this scene was cut out and immediately frozen into what that we call unakite stone.

Some people call this gemstone, epidote but this is not completely accurate because it is a combination of gemstones, one of which is epidote. It is actually an altered form of granite comprised of epidote, feldspar and quartz. It is interesting to note that the word epidote is derived from the Greek word epidosis which means “growing together”. Because they grow together as if they were one single gem.

The name comes from where it was originally discovered in the Unaka Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina, USA. Outside of the United States, they can also be found in Zimbabwe and Switzerland.

It forms in masses so you will never find the typical crystal shape most people think of when talking about healing gemstones or crystals.

Hold a gemstone or hang one from a chain at heart level to draw negative energies from the body and remove blockages from the heart chakra.

Wear a gem during spell casting to give yourself more confidence in performing the spell. This can be needed when casting a certain spell for the first time or when others are involved and you are use to going solo. This can greatly increase the spells power.

Unakite Stone Unakite Stone Unakite StoneWear a piece anywhere on the body to stabilize your entire system. This is an especially good choice for times when bad news has you out of sorts. Hold or wear one and allow the energies to take away the pain and heartache.

A large specimen makes a good gift for anyone in ill health or any other sort of fragile condition because of its nurturing abilities on the human body. If a large specimen is not available, adding several tumbled ones as decorations in a live plant can nurture them while going through the healing process.

Soak one in water and leave outside under the moon light overnight. Use the water to bathe the skin to help smooth and soothe any sort of skin problems (and wrinkles)

Sleep with Unakite stone in the bed to help relieve tense muscles and relax the body for better sleep and healing. If you are someone that tosses and turns all night, place several underneath the bed and you should see a decrease in how much you toss and turn.

If you know you will need extra patience to deal with a specific situation, wear to give you the patience needed.

A good stone for someone with anger issues as it helps bring out the softer side of your personality. If they won’t take it or won’t keep it near them, place a few under their bed so they can work on the person all through the night.

If you are feeling down, spend a few moments meditating with a unakite stone gemstone in your hand to lift your spirits. If there is not time to meditate, simply holding one for a few minutes or carrying one in your pocket while you work can lift your spirits dramatically.

Having a problem where you know a person is being deceptive to you, but you have no proof? Give them a piece so the deception can be uncovered. This is especially useful when the person you suspect is a loved one and you don’t want to hurt them, but is also useful for employees and friends too.

Know someone who is constantly misplacing something? Whether it is their keys, glasses or any other item, giving them one can help them find the lost item as quickly as possible. Simply have them hold one while they search for the lost items. They will find the item(s) quicker and with much less stress.

Wear a strand of beads in a necklace, bracelet or anklet so it encircles a part of your body and it will cleanse and purify the organs of the body as the blood passed through the circle and takes the energy through the organs of your body.

Crystal healers often apply the use of the gems when blood pressure is too low. To date, I have not heard of anyone with normal or blood pressure having it rise more after using the stone. However everyone is different so use at your own risk.

We are spiritual beings living in physical bodies in a mundane world. Keeping those 3 worlds functioning within our lives take conscious effort and a lot of luck. These beauties help balance and integrate the mind, body and soul and give a feeling of completeness. This allows all 3 worlds to function better.

Helps connect your everyday life and your spiritual life so you connected to the all that is even when life tries to keep you tied up in knots. This is exceptionally important in today’s busy lives because the trials of just getting by can make you feel like you have been deserted by your higher power.

Helps you to move past the obstacles in your past that want to haunt and hold you back from being all you can be. Very good for someone who is having a hard time moving on after the loss of a loved one or for anyone who has recently went through a divorce.

Makes a great gem for all stages of pregnancy. From conception to birth it helps nourish both mother and child to ensure a healthy birth.

  • Main Chakra: Heart
  • Planet: Mars & Venus
  • Vibrates to the number: 9
  • Element: Fire & Water
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio


  • Chemical Composition and Name – KAISi3O8
  • Hardness – 6 – 7
  • Specific Gravity – 2.85 to 3.20.
  • Refractive Index (R.I.) – 1.525 (+/-) to 1.760 (+/-)
  • Bi-refringence –
  • Optic Sign – A
  • Optical Character –

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