Sunstone Crystal Healing Properties

Sunstone Crystal Healing Properties

Sunlight captured and frozen forever into a crystal you can carry in your pocket! Well perhaps in ancient myths… but then again, perhaps the old myths have more truth in them than we like to admit. Sunstone crystal has historically been used to treat S.A.D. (Seasonal affective disorder). The disorder shows up more in winter months than any other time and has been associated with a lack of sunlight. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

These little wonders have been mined in Australia, Canada, China, Congo, India, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, the United States. Its color ranges from colorless up into the yellow spectrum, into orange and then to red. It can range from a completely transparent stone to one that is fully opaque. The fully transparent stones are often faceted into gems for jewelry. Those with inclusions may be cut into cabochons, while those close to fully opaque tend to be used more from tumbled stones.

The inclusions in these stones are various additional minerals or metals in the area as the stone was forming. These inclusions are usually either copper, goethite, or hematite. Tiny flat pieces are spread throughout the stone most often aligned in one direction so that when light hits the sunstone crystal from a specific direction, a flash of light can be seen.

Metaphysical and Magical Properties

  • useful for any purpose where the warmth, heat and fire of the sun would be needed.
  • Energy healers use it to help people deal with depression.
  • Helps you put past hurts and scars into a quiet place so you can move forward with determination and strength.
  • Helps to remove stress from the body.
  • Helps to ensure anyone in a managerial or leadership position is capable of handling their tasks be increasing organizational skills and clarifying what and when a decision needs to be made.
  • Helps to ease the stress of phobias, especially those that involve darkness or enclosed spaces.
  • Wear or hold one in your receptive hand so it can attract what you need into your life.
  • Wear of hold one in your transmitting hand so you can more easily send these same energies to others.
  • Can be used to clear and energize any chakra.
  • Helps you to focus your intent when seeking answers that serve the greater good.
  • A lucky stone for anyone who plays games of chance.

Beware Fake Stones

True Sunstones are fairly rare as there are few deposits large enough to make mining profitable. As the metaphysical demands increased there simply was not enough stone being mined to meet the demands. It did not take long for someone to begin to create fake sunstone crystal.

sunstone crystal
Real Tumbled Sunstone

Thankfully it is very easy (in most cases) to tell the difference between the real thing and the colored glass on the market. Real sunstone does not show its  aventurescence uniformly throughout the entire stone and it is seen from a specific direction. Fake sunstone on the other hand is always opaque and I have only seen it in two colors. An orange shade slightly to the brown side or blue. There is no blue in real sunstone. Also the fake stones are positively filled sparkling little bits that appears almost as gold but is most often tiny bits of copper.


fake sunstone
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The bottom image show a real tumbled sunstone on the left with a fake sunstone in the middle and a blue sunstone angel. Often the fake goldstone is being sold as sandstone or goldstone. Either way it is simply glass with tiny copper particles mixed in. It is pretty and there is nothing wrong with wear a piece of jewelry made with one. Just remember it will not have the metaphysical properties of real sunstone.

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