Sodalite Stone Meaning and Properties

Sodalite Stone Meaning and Properties

Sodalite stone is a fairly inexpensive stone known for it wonderful shade of blue but variations in the chemical makeup can make the color range down to a blue/gray shade. Most individual pieces of sodalite also contain white calcite either mixed with the blue to a small degree or seen almost like streaks running through the stone. The deeper the blue of the stone the more orange fluorescence can be seen.

Its name is a nod toward the stones sodium content. There is a variety known for it’s pink to purplish color. In this form it is known as Hackmanite as is highly fluorescent. It is mined in Afghanistan, Brazil, British Columbia, Canada, Italy, Greenland, USA

This darling of the metaphysical and crystal healing worlds is a must have for your gemstone healing tool kit as it has a wide range of meanings and properties that can help out, especially when you are just starting your collection or you are on a limited budget.

Sodalite StoneSodalite stone - raw

Like all blue crystals it works well to balance the throat chakra which controls communication, healing and creativity. This factor alone makes it useful to many people in a large number of different situations.

  • Helps to develop psychic abilities and strengthen them if you are already using these gifts.
  • Helps you to know when you are being truthful with yourself and when others are speaking a truth to you.
  • Helps you understand the need for and to integrate self-discipline into your life.
  • Sodalite Stone can help you see the logical path before you, even when your heart would prefer to take a softer or gentler path.
  • Is often called the Poet’s stone but works well to help anyone who writes to do so with flair and style.
  • It makes a good stone for students as it helps to increase the ability to learn.
  • Can help you find peace when everything around you seems to be going wrong or moving too fast.
  • Meditating while holding a sodalite stone in each hand can help you reach that state of inner peace quicker and to remain there longer.
  • When disagreements or arguments are becoming a major problem in your home, spread some sodalite around. It can help reduce the number of arguments and help all parties find the right words to settle old arguments in a way that is peaceful for everyone involved.
  • If your negative side is showing up a little too often, whether in your personal life or work environment, you can use sodalite to help you life your thoughts and words to the positive side and away from the negative.
  • Could your intuition use a little boost in its receiver? This may well be the perfect stone for you.
  • Anyone who works with Spirit Guides can connect fast and with a stronger connection by keeping Sodalite around
  • Used in Feng Shui to bring water energy into an area

Spiritual Healing of Physical Problems

This next section is spiritual help and not physical help. Only a licensed physician can prescribe medical treatment. Spiritual advice should be used in conjunction with prescribed medical treatments and not as a replacement.

  • Heart problems both physical, spiritual and emotional
  • Historically used to aid the body in its use of insulin to improve blood sugar levels.
  • As a weight loss aid by improving your metabolism
  • Helps to cleanse and repaid all the major bodily glands
  • Aids the body in dealing with the unintended consequences of radiation treatment.
  • Allows the body to make better use of calcium.
  • Sleep with one under your pillow to help combat insomnia
  • Main Chakra: Throat Chakras and Third Eye Chakras
  • Planet:
  • Vibrates to the number:
  • Element:
  • Astrological Sign:


  • Chemical Composition and Name –  Sodium aluminum silicate with chlorine, and occasionally sulfur. Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2
  • Hardness – 5.5 – 6
  • Specific Gravity –. 2.2 – 2.3
  • Refractive Index (R.I.) –
  • Bi-refringence –
  • Optic Sign –
  • Optical Character –


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