Social Media Trolls: don’t feed the trolls

Social Media Trolls

What are Social Media Trolls? They are people who intentionally sow the seeds of discontent on social media websites. There intention is to keep people upset. To that there is no doubt. The only questions are why do they do it and are they getting paid for it.

Neither of these questions is easy to answer. Some do it simply because they enjoy seeing people lose their peace. Some do it because they feel powerful when they can get a rise out of someone and cause them to walk away from their accounts. It is believed by many, myself included that some of them do it because they are being paid to do it.

In the past, it has been very profitable for companies who provide social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, each and every time one of the many arguments goes viral. They see an increase in traffic from current and new members who are joining specifically to take part in it. That traffic increase results in revenue increases which makes it highly probable that someone is feeding the trolls.

Those of us who seek peace would being doing everyone involved in these arguments a favor if they followed a few simple rules to make the social media trolls less valuable.

  • NEVER reply to them with words.
  • If their words incite you to the point you cannot help from replying to them, block them immediately.
  • Instead of typing words, post memes filled with positive thoughts. The memes are not meant to change the trolls, they are meant to help everyone else be able to resist replying to the trolls.

Doing the above takes the power away from social media trolls and puts it back in the hands of the people. As others start to see the trolls losing their power, they too can resist. When the trolls no longer serve a purpose, they will no longer be needed.

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