Self Confidence Activities using Gemstones

Self Confidence Activities

using Gemstones

Today’s meme states: “What other people think of you is none of our business”. While that sounds slightly to the obnoxious side at first thought, the truth is, knowing or worrying about what others think of you kills you self esteem level a little every time you disagree with their assumptions. So the very first lesson these easy self confidence activities have to teach you it to hold onto the belief that “What other people think of you is none of our business”. Repeat it to yourself many times a day until it sinks deep into your mind, body and soul. Use it as a shield you can use to bound the things others say against you away before they can do any harm.

Nothing you can say will truly change their view of the world unless they want their view to change. If they disagree with something you hold as a truth, knowing what they are thinking will serve only to bring doubt into your mind. You are better off going through life not worrying about what anyone thinks of you. Be yourself. Be independent. It is perfectly fine to trust people who have earned your trust, but at the same time, if they are not having a great day, they could easily say things that are hurtful without meaning to say them. This too will service no good to your confidence levels unless you use  “What other people think of you is none of our business” as a shield from the hurt.


Self Confidence Activities using Gemstones

Working with gemstones while doing some simply Self Confidence Activities, can do wonders for your self esteem. Processing how the things people say affects you can help you to let go of the doubt they have put into your mind. Remember to use your shield and try a few of the following self confidence activities using gemstones to ensure you are never harmed again by the things people say.

  • If you think your self confidence problems may arise from being overly sensitive to what others say, carry an amethyst or wear a piece of jewelry with one to because it protects against self-deception and allows you to look at things the way they really are.
  • Amazonite helps one to analyze and sort out information and combines this process with intuitive wisdom. It helps you to manifest and retain the pure energy of Universal Love. This can allow you to see the other persons pain. It does not mean you must keep them in your life but it does make it easier to let them go while maintaining your own self confidence.
  • The same ability that makes Aventurine a great gemstone for self employed or any type of group leader also makes it a good self confidence stone to work with. It opens the mind by allowing you to see alternatives and potentials and takes stress away from the situations so you can better see what is truly causing your discomfort.
  • Bloodstone can help purify your mind, body and soul and allow all the negativity associated with a lack of self confidence to flow from your body.
  • According to Psychic Guru’s, Moonstone is a calming crystal that helps to allay fears and phobias, and is particularly good at neutralizing emotional fears.
  • Garnets are a good gemstone because they help to balance the entire chakras system leaving you feeling more attuned and in charge of your personal power.
  • According to Healing Crystals webpage, Rose Quartz does wonders to help with confidence, self esteem and self empowerment.
  • Rhodonite is a great stone to teach you about self love. When you learn to love yourself even with the faults everyone has, you begin to gain the confidence you need to live without fear.
  • Our connection with God/Spirit is one of the more important connections we have in our lives. Wear any type of malachite crystal to heighten the Spiritual awareness of the wearer. This brings about a self respect that allows you to move forward.



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