Rhodochrosite Gemstone Meanings and Uses

Rhodochrosite Gemstone

Meanings and Uses

Rhodochrosite Gemstone, a wonderful pinkish gem that is the official mineral of the state of Colorado and the official national gemstone of Argentina. The name comes from the Greek word Rhodon, which means rose and the Greek word chroma which means color. It’s colors usually range for a sort of raspberry pink shade to a wonderful rose red shade, but it has been found in pale brown shades. Rose Red is perhaps the most sought after color,

Like all pink stones, Rhodochrosite Gemstones are a stone of love but its ability to bring balance into your life makes it an understanding type of love rather than purely attraction based. It helps you to understand all aspects of love and that sometimes, love is not about spending the rest of your life with each other. It lets you see that sometimes love is about letting someone go when a persons changes no longer fit into a peaceful world being close to you. It won’t change the fact that you still love them or that you will miss them, but for everyone’s peace of mind you can let them go.

Rhodochrosite Gemstone

It can also help you to balance your energies pertaining to love so you do not overpower someone’s senses. It allow you to see the parts of them that are still hurting from prior to meeting you and even from past lives. This allows you to tailor your contact to the way that is best suited to helping them heal from those hurts. Of course this all works both ways and helps to attract the person you need to help you heal if it is needed.

  • The Incas believed it the stone was the crystalize blood of their dead Kings and Queens.
  • It can be used to help boost your self confidence.
  • Are you feeling down? Rhodochrosite can put the spring back into your step and a smile upon your face with an inner glow that others notice.
  • Often used by healing when working on disorders that affect most of the major internal organs. This makes it a good stone to use for tummy problems both upper and lower, heart, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and thyroid issues or imbalance.
  • Rhodochrosite Gemstones help to facilitate in telepathic communications. This includes person to person communications and person to animal.
  • It works great to add to any work or grids designed to heal the planet.
  • Do you have a hard time making new friends? Working with it by keeping one within your aura as much as possible can both make you more appealing to others and help you see the beauty within others that goes beyond mere looks.
  • If your heart is overburdened from failed relationships in the past, mediate while lying down with a stone resting over your heart area. Visualize it cleansing your heart of all its pains.
  • It is a good stone to help you build self confidence.
  • Need a new love to come into your life, on a windy night, preferably on the full moon, hold a stone in your right and whisper to it what you are looking form (male/female, tall/short, etc.,etc) The hold it up in the air till the wind blows across it, sending your desired away on the wind to find that perfect someone.



  • Chakra: Sacral & Heart
  • Colors:
  • Astrological Sign(s):
  • Element:
  • Planet:
  • Vibratory #:


RhodochrositeGemstone TECHNICAL DETAILS

  • Chemical Composition and Name – MnCO3
  • Hardness – 3.5-4
  • Specific Gravity – 3.7
  • Refractive Index (R.I.) – nω = 1.814 – 1.816 nε = 1.596 – 1.598
  • Bi-refringence – δ = 0.218
  • Optic Sign – Uniaxial (-)
  • Optical Character –

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