Positive Vibes are Contagious

Positive Vibes are Contagious

Everyone has their moments of weakness when their positive vibes desert them leaving a string of negative thoughts and deeds in their place. I have known people over 30 years who never had a negative reaction to anything life threw their way and suddenly, one day, they turned into a negativity spouting monster over something that seemed small.

The hows and whys this happened is far beyond the scope of this little article. Instead, we concentrate on how your can help them and give a little advice everyone should always remember.

As a friend of someone who has temporarily loss their positive attitude, gently remind them that this too shall pass and will pass faster if you can shower them with your positive vibes. You see, just like negativity is contagious, positivity is too. You change the hearts, souls and minds of people by letting your positivity shine through, even when theirs has obviously flown out the window.

If I could have just one wish that would automatically come true, it would be that every person in the world have a huge, tremendous support system filled with positive people. All the internet trolls would be out of business. Corporations would begin to change the way they do business. We would have the peace on earth so many people want, but which has always eluded us.

Each of use emits positive energy when we are focus on positivity and negative energy when we are focused on negativity. When you choose to remain positive in all situations, you attract people to you like a moth is attracted to light. When you find a friend or loved one is going through a bad spell, mentally send them positive vibes. Put effort into seeing them return to their usual light hearted selves.

If you can, get others who believe as you do to do the same thing. keep the person bathed in as much positive light as possible and you will have taken a giant step toward helping them get back to their normal selves.

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