Positive Attitude causes a chain reaction

Positive Attitude causes a chain reaction

Our world has become so Un-peaceful we are experiencing a chain reaction of negative events and attitudes that reaches around the entire world. We have lost our positive attitudes. We have allowed governments, people, even the earth herself to become out of balance causing one negative even after another.

We the people have the power to reverse this trend. The time to take action is now before we reach the tipping point where regaining control of our thoughts and actions goes too far.

Make a promise this moment to spend just 1 minute each hour to think a positive thought about someone. Even if you honestly do not agree with someone’s politics or religion, most people are not horrible people and they have their good points. Take a moment to think something good of them.

When you switch your thoughts about a person from a negative attitude to a positive attitude, you begin making changes in yourself and the spiritual health of the entire planet. This may seem like a lot of work in the early stages, but you are retraining your mind to seek the positive on a regular basis and leave the negative alone. You will be surprised how quickly you begin to find you actually want to think good, positive thoughts about everyone, even those you disagree with.

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