Our Crystal Healing Group is now live!

New Crystal Healing Group

The move to the new servers is complete and we now have a few new capabilities on the site. Based loosely on what Facebook offers, we have the ability to have groups on various topics, activity walls on personal, group and sitewide levels, and forums for groups and the site as a whole.

crystal healing groupOur first group has already been added and is a Crystal healing group. We are in search of all types of spiritual healers whether you use gemstone or do work some other type of energy work. As the site grow, I want to add regular weekly healing session for anyone who needs it, the earth and the hearts of mankind.

When we have enough members to support it, I want to add a rock hound group and I am more than willing to add any other group type members would like to have. I want the Gemstone Dictionary to become a place where anyone interested in gemstones and crystals can come without having to worry about every group being filled with ads for every product you can image. This will be a place of peace and love, offering to heal the hearts, minds, and souls of those who need it.

This crystal healing group is our first step towards my dreams for this website. I invite you to sign up for any account (its 100% free) and invite all your friends and family to join us also. All the new features do require a verified account, but you can rest assured you will never receive a single email from us unless you contact us and ask for us to reply. The account requirement is by far the best way to keep spammers off the site.

Would you be so kind as to join us and our new crystal healing group? The group idea is brand new and we could use a little help getting out the word about this new service to those who need it.

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