Natural Stress Relief with Gemstones

Natural Stress Relief with Gemstones

Stress is one of the biggest problems in our lives. We deal with it in our jobs, with co-workers, walking down the streets, dealing with governments, schools, while driving and almost everywhere we go. Toss in the stress we deal with from aging parents, young children, our own health issues and it is a miracle we are not running around unable to keep our minds on a single topic for 2 seconds. This article is about natural stress relief using gemstones. It is not meant to be used in place of getting help from a doctor, rather it is some things you can do to help work on your spiritual side while your doctor works on your health side.

There are probably thousands of natural stress relief suggestions available via Google. Just about all of them are based on either some type of bodywork (think yoga, relaxation, meditation, etc., etc., or through the use of herbs or food as medicine. This article is dealing with using gemstones as a form of natural stress relief.

natural stress relief gemstones

There is no wrong way to use gemstones, the hardest part of it all is choosing and finding the gemstones you wish to use. The Gemstone Dictionary makes the choosing part easy. Finding them is as easy as dropping the stones name into Google and adding the words “for sale” behind it. Once you have it, you only need to keep it as close to your skin as possible. The longer it is there, the better.

There are some stones which deal with almost any type of stress. Others will deal with specific types. Simply find the one that works best on the type of stress you are experiencing.

  • For stress brought about by a lack of stability in your life, try: chalcedony, chrysocolla, red garnet, opal
  • According to the website of Healing Crystals for You, Lepidolite has naturally occurring lithium in it. Lithium is used in some stress and anxiety  medications which makes it easy to see why this is one of the better stones to stress relief.
  • If your stress level is causing you to lose sleep Shungite could help you find relief. Its been used since ancient times to help purify the body giving it a well documented history of health benefits.
  • Azurite has been used since ancient times also and has a long list of health benefits, including helps to drain off stress from your body.
  • If your stress is caused from excess energies, such as being around people who never stop moving or talking, or simply trying to hurry, hurry, hurry to get more accomplished, any solid black stone can help because of its ability to ground out excess energies.
  • Charoite is a good choice to help transmute negative energies and therefore reduce your stress level.
  • Rose Quartz is a good choice if your stress is caused from feeling like you are not loved or just need a little comforting to get through a rough patch. While having mom’s arms wrapped around you is always better, it can be a temporary solution to bring that feeling into your life when mom is not available.
  • Unakite is a good stone for grounding out excess energies and is also very calming, helping you to let go after being in stressful situations.


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