Jade Gemstone Part 2

Jade Gemstone Part 2

To make this positive change in your life, try holding a Jade gemstone clasped in both hands and held near your heart, close your eyes and visualize yourself having a happy and positive relationship with money. You know how to spend it so you get the best deals for your money, and you know how to use your money to make more money. See your self having all that you need and all that you want. Try to think of situations where you have the money you need and you are having a good relationship with the money.

Visualize yourself in this positive scene and make it as real as possible, get all your emotions involved in this visualization. See the colors in the scene around you, smell the smells, hear the noises that are near you. The more senses that you can get involved in this visualization, the more real you can make the scene, the better it is. Hold this visualization for at least a few minutes, the longer the better. From that point on keep your Jade Stone near you, carry it in your pocket or purse, so that you feel and touch it on a regular basis. This combination of the stones energies and your visualizations will turn you in to a money attracting machine.

Since prehistoric times, Jade gemstones of many shades have been used in art, jewelry and statues. It has been seen as a status symbol, worn on shields and armor to protect the individual wearing it, used in crowns and Royal jewelry, and even sewn into the robes of the noblemen.

Jade gemstones metaphysical properties give light as to why it was used in shields and armor. It is a highly protective stone that blocks negative energy from influencing the wearer and in ancient warfare was thought to be able to prevent the wearer from being killed in battle.

If you find yourself in a situation where life seems overly hectic causing you to lose your focus, try meditating or sleeping with Jade stone to help stabilize the energies and cleanse your aura of the negative energies that are preventing you from being able to think straight. Any form of jade will work for this purpose but the more emerald shades of jade colors are the most preferred for this purpose.

Jade gemstone healing properties historically have been used to treat disorders of the heart, the hips, the kidneys, and the spleen. A few resources have also mentioned Jade being used to treat disorders of the thymus, however this use is not as well documented as others mentioned here.

Keeping a Jade gemstone near you throughout the day and or while sleeping, is one of the more common ways to boost the immune system. It is thought to cleanse the blood and nervous system leaving you more calm, cool and collected. The combination of the immune system boosting and blood cleansing together help the body to heal itself faster and more completely.

Perhaps the best of Jade’s healing properties is in its ability to help you stay calm in almost any situation. This makes it the perfect stone for anyone in a high stress job or who is dealing with the loss of a loved one. It can help soothe the emotions and prevent physical harm to the body from the excess stress hormones released during times of high stress.

In more recent years, jade gemstone healing properties have been used in group situations where there is a need to ensure everyone is tolerant of other peoples thoughts, ideas and beliefs. This is one of the main reason jade statues are found in various counseling offices, especially those who work with mental health issues or with high stress issues such as lawyers.

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