Iolite Stone Uses and Properties

Iolite Stone

Iolite Stone comes in many shades of purple. It is a gem quality variety of the mineral cordierite. It is seen everything from a light violet shade, moving up to some fabulous blue shades and down to a deep almost amethyst shade. The most prized shades for jewelry is a fabulous violet blue shade different from the shades found in most other gemstones. The closer a stone is to that perfect color, the higher the price for the piece. Yet Iolite Stone in lesser shades, often with other gemstone types mixed in are very common and can be purchased in a wide ranges of price points, making it a relatively low cost option for those in the metaphysical community.

Iolite Stone is mined in many places in the world including Australia , Brazil, Burma, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States (Connecticut). The largest supplier of Iolite gemstones is India.

The gemstone we call Iolite has shown up in historical records dating all the way back to the Viking eras. The name Iolite was only officially coined in 1912 and comes from the Greek word for violet “ios”. The Vikings used very thin slices of the gems to help them navigate on overcast days, making use of Iolite’s polarizing abilities to allow them to see where the sun was located in the sky.

In metaphysical circles, Iolite is known as the gemstone of clear vision. Healers use it to help with vision problems especially when one desires to improve the clarity of their vision.

Iolite Stone - RawIt is a good choice to help with any type of inner journey. Vision walks, meditation, spirit journeys and astral travel can all be added with the help of these beauties of nature. It is also used to help you see your past lives. If you find yourself in a situations where your heart and soul are battling with your mind and intuition, try using an Iolite to help bring them all toward the common goal of what is best for you personally.

Know by some as THE gemstone for use by those known to show an affinity for clairvoyance or by those seeking to bring out this ability within themselves. It makes a good stone for anyone in any form of leadership as it amplifies your strength of character and boosts your self confidence.

Iolite Stone Healing Properties

  • Use to strengthen memory
  • Helps strengthen the eyes and heal abnormalities in the eye
  • Helps in overcoming addictions by stimulating the detoxification process
  • Some claim it helps to balance cholesterol levels
  • Some believe it can help prevent intoxication
  • Considered to be a good stone for those with tummy problems
  • Prevents insomnia
  • Helps with most types of pain in the head (headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, sore throats
  • Used to help let go of fears and experiences that are preventing you from moving forward
  •  Helps to balance yin/yang energies
  • Helps you see people and the world from the standpoint of spirit rather than simply the physical aspects of life.
  • Helps in the awakening off all types of psychic abilities




  • Main Chakra: Third Eye
  • Planet:
  • Vibrates to the number:
  • Element:
  • Astrological Sign: Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus

Iolite Stone Technical Details

  • Chemical Composition and Name –
  • Hardness – 7 to 7.5
  • Specific Gravity –
  • Refractive Index (R.I.) –
  • Bi-refringence –
  • Optic Sign –
  • Optical Character –

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