Franklin N.C.

Find Rocks in Franklin NC

Franklin NC is by far my favorite place to add to my collection of raw gemstones. Not far from Cherokee NC, it is situation in the mountains and has an atmosphere like no where else I have ever been. Not long after crossing the state line North Carolina shares with Georgia, I can feel all the tensions Atlanta leaves on my body start to flow away, like a cleansing stream flowing through my body. The closer I get to Franklin, the more at peace I am.

If I could, I would sell my house today and move to Franklin. Sadly during the 2008 crash, my house lost about 65% of its value and so far, hasn’t gained enough of it back to make it worthwhile to sell. But my time is coming.

Franklin NC is known for the Rubies and Sapphires that have been mined there since 1870. But we mere humans are not allowed to actually enter the physical mines and rubies and sapphires are not the only gemstones that can be found there.

There are 2 main types of gemstone mines we can visit while in Franklin NC. Those with Native dirt and those with salted dirt. Native dirt is what you want if you are seeking a chance to find that once in a lifetime jewel worth big bucks. You won’t find as many stones in native dirt but you will find much higher quality stones (If the Gods are favoring you on your visit)

Salted dirt is usually dirt that has already been sifted through, but they add assorted rough stones from around the world. Your chances of finding a stone worth keeping are much higher but the vast majority of the stones you find will be where cutters have sawed off the edges of stones before cutting into individual stones, or broke pieces that did not make it through the cutting process. There is nothing wrong with having stones like these. They hold just as much of The Creators energy as any other stone, but I personally prefer to look for that special, one of a kind pieces that will only be found in native dirt.

Last time I was there, the number of 100% native dirt mines was had dwindled, but several mines had begun to offer visitors a choice of native or salted dirt. It really is up to you which you prefer. I suggest, especially if it is your first trip to Franklin, try both and see which you like.

Types of gemstones found

Rubies and Sapphires are what everyone hopes to find while at Franklin. On a trip Larry and I made about 6 years ago, I found a nice Sapphire that cut into a good size cab of a deep wine color with a star in it. I have been offered $1200 for the piece but would not take 3 times that much because it was the last time Larry and I got to go before he transitioned.

I have a container with at least 30 pounds of uncut stones I have found there over the years. There are plenty of small emeralds, garnets ranging from tiny to larger than my thumb nail and plenty of small pieces of amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz and much more.

I am determined to go back to Franklin in 2017, even if my son and DIL won’t go with me. If there is enough interest, perhaps we could plan a Gemstone Dictionary meets in Franklin NC get together and spend a day or two visiting the mines and playing in the mud, lol. Let me know if this idea interests you and I will see what I can arrange if there is enough interest.

Buying Stones

If playing in the dirt is not your cup of tea, you can always stop off by one of the many shops that specialize in stones. In most you will find a wide range of stones, varying from finished jewelry pieces to 100% raw stones found all around the world.


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