Energy Healing With Gemstones

Energy Healing with Gemstones

Energy healing is a general term that includes all forms of energy manipulation with the expressed aim to heal or improve a person’s physical, mental or spiritual bodies. It can be used to heal or improve any problem associated with the physical body, the mind, relationships, or instances that could best be described as spiritual problems.

There are many types of energy healing practitioners in the world. Some of the better known ones practice various forms of Aura cleaning or balancing, Chakra healing of balancing, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, Flower and Vibrational Essences, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Reiki, Spiritual Healing and any other form of energy work which seeks to heal or repair any imbalance in the body’s energy fields.

Each technique has its own sets of rules, teaching methods and requirements to practice using their copyrighted name. Some methods require you to receive the gift of the specific energies they work with from someone who has completed one or more levels of classwork and also received the energies from someone else. Some methods require a little study but nothing else.

Some of the organizations which promote the use of the various methods require membership in their group to be able to practice using the label they have copyrighted for their particular version of the energy manipulation they perform.  This may or may not require the payment of a fee to be certified. This article is a basic beginners lesson on learning how to perform Gemstone Therapy on someone. We will cover both distant and nearby versions.

energy healing

Gemstone Therapy in its simplest terms is nothing more than another form of energy manipulation. The only requirements to perform Gemstone Energy Healing on any living being is a general knowledge of gemstones and physically having one or more of the gemstones to work with.

Vibration Therapy

Gemstone Therapy is another form of Vibration Therapy just like all the other techniques listed in this article. That means it makes use of the subtle energies of one person or object to make changes in another person’s or object’s energy field. This in turn brings about changes in the receiver of the energies.

All vibration therapy is based on the theory that thoughts have or are energy just like everything else in our world. Most people accept that negative thoughts attract negative things into our lives while positive thoughts attract positive. Our minds are the vehicle which can be used to transmit energy to another person or object.

Whether they state it in their teachings or not, almost all forms of vibration therapy use the mind to transmit the energies during individual sessions. Gemstone Therapy takes the energy that is innate within each gemstone and combines it with our own personal energy and uses the mind’s ability to transmit energy to send it to the receiver.

Energy Manipulation

Human beings have the unique ability to use energy manipulation to transmit specific types of energy. Suppose you are working on a session for someone who is trying to get pregnant. When you begin to transmit the energy to the receiver, you are not sending all the energies within your personal field. Your mind chooses which energies the receiver needs and combines only those energies with the energies of the gemstone(s) before transmitting them.

Vibraton TherapyPeople have attempted to argue with me on this subject. Think about it, if you were transmitting all the energies contained within your energy field, it would include both the positive and negative energies. No matter how advanced you consider yourself to be, you have negative energies or you would no longer be in this form. No one wishes their negative traits upon others. Some people consciously work to withhold all negative energies while sending. The brain has the ability to do this without our conscious intervention. So do not worry about sending unwanted energies to someone.

Gemstone Choice

In most cases where healing energies are needed, there is more than one choice of which gemstone could be used. It is impossible for the majority of people to remember the complete list of gemstones and every situation they could be used in. Luckily, no one has to remember. All that information is free in the gemstone dictionary.

If you are just starting out you may not have the preferred gemstone on hand. This is why it is a good idea to make sure the first stone you acquire is a quartz. A tumbled stone is perfectly acceptable. Quartz is your fallback stone. It can be used as a substitute for any type of crystal.

Where thought goes, energy flows

The internet allows us to have almost instant access to knowledge. We can use it to know what to do, when to do and for whom we will do it. But it has it’s drawback like anything else in the world. The main one being the need for privacy to prevent weirdos from showing up at our front doors. For this reason, we often never know exactly who we are sending energy too. Often all we have is a general area to aim at.

That is not a big problem in terms of sending energy. Keep in mind, the moment someone asks for help, they have sent out the energies toward making the need come true. When you send out energy toward their goal, The Creator (the Universe, God or whatever you choose to call it) knows where it is most needed and whom you intended it for. Trust it will get to where it is needed and it will.


  • Determine the person or thing you will be working on
  • Determine which stone you will be using
  • Determine what the best time to work is. This is a personal choice based upon everything that is happening in your life.
  • Choose a location that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed for a period of time.

Energy Healing – distant version

Relax, use whatever method you prefer to remove excess stress from your body. Determine where you prefer to sit, on the floor, couch or desk chair is perfectly fine or standing is perfectly fine too. Just make sure you will be comfortable for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Get an image of the person in your head. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Having an accurate picture is not necessary. Refer back to “Where thought goes, energy flows” section above it you need reassurance on this point.

Focus your mind on the outcome of the session. In the case of someone trying to get pregnant, see the person in late term of the pregnancy. Hold the chosen gemstone in your hands and see in your mind’s eye, the energies flowing down your arms, into the gemstone and out into the universe, aimed at the location the person is at. Maintain that image for as long as you can or as long as you have time to spare. That is really all there is to it.

In person sessions

If you have physical access to the person you can have them lay or sit comfortably. Place the gemstone directly on them near the location where you want the energies to go. Sitting nearby, follow the above procedures to complete the session.

A second method is called arua combing. You simply hold the gemstone in your hand and use it as if you were using a comb or brush just above the person’s skin to sweep away any blockages. After sweeping away blockages, you can send energy per the above method to complete the process.

Helping Others

We would like to build a huge team of people willing to donate 10 to 15 minutes occasionally to help heal others. Please follow us on Facebook so you can learn when we are holding sessions and for what purpose.

If you are in need of healing, please contact me either through our contact page on this site or via facebook. We accept requests for any aspects of life you may need help with. Healing mind, body, relationships, finances, pets, jobs or anything else.



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