Emerald part 2

Emerald Stone Part 2

When emerald stone is used during meditation upon the heart chakra, it helps to open the chakra and allow the love that is locked within to come forth into your life.

To attract a love interest into your life, make an elixir according to the eye wash instructions in part 1. Bathe in the elixir to set the energies into motion to attract someone into your life.

If you have your eye set on a special someone, bathe with the emerald gemstone elixir as mentioned above, then buy or make a small gift for the intended. Bathe it in elixir from the same bottle that you bathed in. Give him or her the small gift. If they are truly the right person for you, it will speed up the process. If they are not the right person for you, chances are they will leave out of your life.

In relation to the above, a gemstone on a chain or cord to wear around their neck is a good choice for the gift. Any green stone will do as green activates the heart chakras but if one is not available, a quartz crystal, either in point form or a tumbled stone works also.

If you have already found that perfect someone for you and want to make sure they remain a true and faithful lover, give them a gift of emerald stone. A small quality stone set into a ring or pendant will work. If that is out of your price range, try giving them a lesser quality stone that is unfinished, perhaps still in matrix to be used as a display piece. Don’t buy into the mindset many have that only the top quality stones will work. If it has the energies, it has the energies no matter if it is a $1000 stone or a $10 slab.

To cleanse the body’s systems, especially the liver; and keep illness and disease away, wear emerald stone on a chain or cord so it hangs near the lung and heart level. The emerald gemstone helps to remove toxins from the blood as it goes through the heart, allowing the blood to do a more thorough job of removing toxins from the body.

Magical uses of emerald stones include using them in magic dealing with communication between people, increasing psychic abilities, attracting money, improving memory, improving business both in the money flow and in how well employees get along.

From the Hindu Holy Scriptures, The Veda it is said of emeralds; ‘Emeralds promise good luck …’; and ‘Emeralds enhance the well-being …’

Emeralds are the gemstone of the Goddess Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The power behind any magical working for love is always increased when an emerald is included in the magic.

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