Crystals for Healing: An overview

crystals for healing

Crystals for Healing: An overview of Crystal Healing Power

The concept of using crystals for healing starts with the desire to use the natural crystal healing power within gemstones to bring about healing of the body and/or positive changes to either the mind or body. This article examines how to use crystal healing power on yourself or others and provides information you need to begin on your path.

Before we start, it is important to note that Crystal healing should never be used to replace medical advice by a licensed doctor. Many people choose to use crystals for healing power to compliment care provided by their doctors. Your decision to do otherwise is at your own risk.

Crystals for healingEverything on earth and in our universe is composed of energy. This is a scientific fact that can be verified by any science student. Where science and energy healers differ is in how this energy affects the human body.

Energy healers will tell you that crystal healing power is natural and constant and healing can begin by simply being near the correct stone. Yet the techniques used by energy healers, compliment and enhance the crystal healing power.

Healing with crystals works by changing the vibration rate of the body. Keep in mind that energy moves in waves. Different items carry a different vibration rate and by changing the vibration rate of the body, changes in the level of health are thereby changed.

Self Healing with Crystals

If you do not have access to an energy healer for direct energy work on a specific area, you can self administer using one or more of the crystals for healing. Simply wearing them works, or you can use one to comb your aura, or during meditation. Many people accomplished this by wearing a string of beads of the specific gemstone as a necklace around the neck or as a bracelet or anklet.

By having the gemstone in a complete circle around a single portion of the body, the blood is energized with the crystal healing power of the chosen gemstone and can spread that energy throughout the body as the blood moves throughout the body.

Working with an Energy Healer

A person trained in healing with crystals may take a more direct route by placing the gemstone near the actual source of the injury or illness. This allows the crystal’s healing power to come into almost direct contact with the area of concern. Over and above this, the energy healer will combine the energy vibrations of their own body and/or any energies they pull from their higher selves with the energy of the gemstones to bring concentrated energy into the affected area.

Energy healers have different techniques and various forms of specialized training they bring into a healing session. Some of the techniques they use may include chakra healing, aromatherapy, energy tuning, Reiki therapy and many more.

The is no one right or wrong way to do an energy healing. The main thing you want to look for in an energy healer is someone that you feel comfortable with. The tools and techniques they use may be different from those used by a different person, but they are only tools. The real healing comes from the energies within and this is something you can pick up and use to determine if this is the correct energy healer for you.

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