Apatite Gemstone Part 2

Apatite Gemstone Part 2

If you recognize within you the tendency to let your emotions rule rather than logic, especially in emergency type situations, apatite gemstones could be your solution. This fabulous gemstone will allow calm to prevail giving you the time and ability to let logic rule in the situation. The perfect gemstone for students of all age groups because apatite helps you to not just “know” the lessons but to experience them, making them more real and easier to remember.

Wear an apatite gemstone while doing any sort of creative work. It helps you to connect with your creative center and create spectacular works.

Does shyness or doubt prevent you from enjoying yourself at parties or in other social situations? An apatite gemstone can give you the confidence to attempt contact with others and give you the feeling of security you need to shine at your best. Add in how this gemstone helps keep everyone in harmony and it becomes a powerhouse for anyone that is shy.

To increase your ability to receive visions of the future, meditate with an apatite gemstone resting on your 3rd eye chakras (slightly above and between the eyebrows). Blue or purple colored apatite crystals work best for this.

Need a little extra motivation to get the job done? A gold or red apatite gemstone held during meditation can help you keep your mind focused on the subject at hand giving you the desire to keep working till completion.

Create an elixir by placing one or more apatite gemstones in a glass container of water and allow it to sit outdoors overnight, preferable under a full moon. You can drink this mixture to help strengthen bones and to heal and prevent joint pain.

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