The Gemstone Dictionary began life in late 2005 when I began compiling my knowledge of gemstones. In mid 2007, just as I was getting ready to put the site online, I was in a severe car accident. With the help of friends and family, we managed to get what was already written added to the actual web site, but little was done to it for about 5 years while I worked to heal my mind, body and soul of my injuries.

In late 2012, I reached the point in my recovery I was determine to begin working and writing again. Because of the accident, I now suffer with anomic aphasia (have problems with nouns), am severely vision impaired and have physical disabilities as well. For most people, the first two problems would be a death blow for a writer, but I have been determined to overcome these issues. I now have a HUGE TV for a monitor and with special software I overcame the the vision problems.

The Anomic Aphasia was a little harder to overcome, but I now have a good sized list of people who understand when I call them and ask “What do you call those big tall green things in your yard”, that I have not lost my mind, it is only the aphasia messing with my writting, lol.

I may never again be the prolific writer I use to be and I probably use the wrong word more often than I prefer, but when you consider no one thought I would ever get this far, 10 years later, I am back and have BIG plans for the Gemstone Dictionary.

Summer of 2013, I decided GD needed a facelift. The original site was HTML only. I had never heard of CSS. Its entire structure was lots of nested tables. (they are now considered mean, ugly, nasty things on websites) I had to learn the proper way to do HTML and learn CSS from start to end, but as of today (10/08/13, my fathers 80th birthday) I am begining to transfer the site to the new format.

I am still fairly slow so the change over will probably take a few weeks, but as soon as it is complete, there will be many new things added to the site. I have already set up a blog, though nothing is on it yet. It does however give everyone a way to contact me for help with information for their own sites.

During the time I was unable to work on the site, a TREMENDOUS problem arose. The Gemstone Dictionary became one of the most plagiarised sites on the internet. It seemed thousands of people making handmade jewelry and hundreds of people setting up sites about magic or crystal healing, thought it was fine to simply copy most of GD onto their site and claim the information as their own.

The problem with this is it literally takes money out of my pocket. Especially since the accident, my only source of income comes from my little websites. I watched my income drop from over $2000 a month to less than $100 a month. Being unable to work outside my home, this hurts dramatically so please, do not steal my work.

Update 03/01/2017 – It has now been 10 years since my accident. I have recovered some of my eyesight and I can walk enough to do my own shopping and such, but I seriously doubt I will ever be able to work outside my home again. To make matter worse, the love of my life, my husband of 25 years passed away on 12/12/15.

I thought my life was over and it has taken these 15 some odd month to become human again. But life goes on and I am determined to rebuild the income these little sites afford me. I really do not have a choice because even though we had a decent insurance policy on Larry, it was not nearly enough to last as long as I plan on living, so stay tuned to many new things.

The first of which is moving this site to WordPress. I am beginning the process today. I am sure there will be some pages missing occasionally until everything is completely set up, so please bear with me.

Bright Blessing to you all!
Denise Freeman
AKA FernOwl

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