Gemstones to help when forgiving others

Gemstones to help when Forgiving Others

forgiving others

Whether people will admit it or not, everyone makes mistakes. Society has taught us to never publicly admit that fact because anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. So out in the world, it is safer for us to not admit we did wrong and since we live in a material world, people will go to long lengths to put the blame for their actions onto someone else.

Those living a Spiritual life rather than a material or religious life, understand that when we do not or cannot forgive someone, it is not them who bears the pain. We bear the pain for not forgiving others.

How do you know who and when to forgive? The answer is a very simple, forgive everyone, everything. To do otherwise weighs on your heart, causes you sleepless nights, brings negativity into your life and so much more.


Gemstones to help with forgiveness

  • Amethyst can help calm tempers and make forgiving others easier, especially when it is someone who lives in the same household or whom you work with.
  • If it is you who needs to forgive yourself, try peridot.
  • All of the stones which are a lighter shade of blue can help. Blue cleanses and activated the throat chakra which is the communication center, helping you find the words you need to allow yourself to forgive someone.
  • Sugilite can make it easier for you when forgiving others, especially in group situations.
  • Rhodochrosite can help you heal the hurts others have caused you, making it easier to forgive them.
  • Topaz is a stone known for true love because it allows us to see people with a love that can overlook their imperfections and better understand why they may have hurt you. That does not mean you have to allow them to stay in your life. It may still be best for you to forgive them and move on, and Topaz will allow you to see that it is for the best.
  • Apache Tears will not only help to ground you, they also work to help you remove negative emotions. This can allow you to forgive, forget and move on.
  • Rhodonite helps to heal your emotional scars and allows forgiveness to bloom within your heart.



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