Don’t Take Life too Seriously – Quote of the day

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously Quote

There are several slightly different versions of this quote and I am not sure who the quote originally came from but my version of the “Don’t Take Life Too Seriously Quote” is included below in the form of an easy to share meme.

Spread a little love and a few smiles around to family and friends. Share the meme on your favorite social media sight. Your peeps will love you for making them smile and who knows, you just might make someone’s day!

don't take life too seriously quote

Gemstones to help with happiness

  • If holding on to hurts, thoughts, anger or frustration is taking away your happiness use a Smoky Quartz to help you release the negative aspects and let your happiness reign.
  • If SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is making you hold on to negative emotions that are taking your happiness, try using sunstone to remove them.
  • Feeling like you are not worthy of success, use a Citrine to help you remove these thoughts.
  • Celestite is a good stone to remove stress that is zapping your happiness level.
  • Rose Quartz can heal your heartaches and open you to receiving that perfect someone into your life.
  • If you truly are not sure where your unhappiness is coming from or you think it is coming from more than one source, Quartz Crystal can help ensure you don’t take life too seriously by clearing all the doubt.
  • Feel like your back is against a wall with your finances? Try using an Aventurine to bring new opportunities your way so you can live without the stress.
  • Amber is like sunshine on a cloudy day and is often used to bring about feeling of happiness and well-being. This might be just what you need so you Don’t Take Life too Seriously.

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