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The information included within this website comes from a variety of sources including the memory of an old Witch, the Book of Shadows of several Witches, the memories and personal papers of people that love gemstones from around the world and many other sources.

None of the information should be considered medical advice as only the historical uses have been listed. Never allow any information to replace the care or advice of a qualified physician. To do so is at your own risk.

It should be noted that the chemical composition of some gemstones contain chemicals which are known to be poisonous to the human body. This site makes no claims as to the exact chemical composition of any specific stone. We list the chemical formula (when known) that is use to identify stone. However any stone could have additional minerals within it, depending on what minerals were available in the area where each specific stone grew. We strongly suggest you do not drink any gemstone elixirs. Your choice to do so is at your own risk.

Gemstone healing therapy should never be used in place of competent medical treatment. To do otherwise is at your own risk.

All magical and metaphysical information is based on historical data and personal experience. By law I must advise you to consider it to be for entertainment purposes only, whether I believe that or not.