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We want your suggestions

The Gemstone Dictionary will never be a completed work simply because the area of knowledge is so tremendously huge and new information is still being found. As it currently stand, I could write an article every day from now one and in 10 years it would not all be written.

For that reason, I am always open to suggestions. What would you personally like to see added next. Perhaps information about one of the more recently discovered stones? Perhaps a list of all gemstones historically used to treat a specific disorder? Whatever your need is, chances are very good I already know as least something about the subject. If it happens to be something I do not know, rest assured I will not stop until I find someone who can give me the knowledge, so I can share it with you.

I want the Gemstone Dictionary to be the first place you come to for anything you need to know about the gemstones, minerals and ore of our world. We will never sell products directly from this site. We will have some advertising around because we have to pay the bills like anyone else. But we did not start this site so we could attract more customers for the products being sold. It was started for the knowledge the site contains. There are millions of place to buy (or find) the products. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge that is behind the products.

How to Submit a Suggestion

Simply click the “contact us” link in the “pages” portion of the menu. Then talk to us. Tell us what you want. We are real human beings and you can talk to us like you would a friend.

We do ask that you give us an email address to contact you at. Rest assured we will NEVER you are that address unless we have a question directly related to your question. We do not have a mailing list so you do not have to worry about being subscribed to one.

Spread the Word

Last but not least, we ask you to spread the word about us. Let others know we are here so we can spread the knowledge of the stones far and wide. Post a link to us on your Facebook account. Tweet a link to your followers. Any little thing you can do helps make the world a better place to be.

Be at Peace my friends!

Fern Owl


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