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Need Gemstone Articles for your site?

I will write one articles on almost any subject dealing with gemstones for any site, if you agree to allow me to include an authors resource box, with a link back to my site. You can choose exactly what keyword you want the article to be written on. My only requirement on the keywords is it must be gemstone related.

I will write a 100% unique articles that can be checked via copyscape. Articles will be a minimum of 300 to 500 words long, but might be longer if your keyword gives me enough leeway to make the article longer. Your keyword will be in the title, as close to the beginning as possible. The keyword density will be 1% or greater, which equals at least one useage of the keyword for every 100 words of the article length.

All I ask in return is you allow me to have an authors resource box beneath the article and that you make the link to my site clickable when visitors click on the specific keyword I include in the resource box. If need be, I will give you the exact HTML code to make it clickable.

Why am I doing this?

The Gemstone Dictionary is one of the most plagiarized sites on the internet. Most people do not understand why it is wrong to take someone elses work and add it to their site as if they had written it themselves. I spend thousands using to contact people who have plagiarized my work.

Why bother you might ask? Simple, it costs me money every time someone takes my work and puts it on their site. You see, when I first started writting this site, it was meant as a labor of love, to share my knowledge about gemstones. Shortly after starting this site however, I was in a severe car accident and was almost killed. I have been unable to work outside of my home since 2007 because of the accident and my websites are how I make my living.

I make money from all the ads you see listed around my site. I depend on ranking as high as possible in the search engines to get traffic to my sites. When someone take information from my site and lists it on their site as if it was their own words, the search enginges sees this as Duplicate Information, and the score they assign to both websites goes down. Of course this means the ranking in the search engines goes down accordingly.

Frankly, I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I fully understand why people want to share information, but my family needs my income just like any other persons income. I can not afford to let the site drop form making $1500 a month to less than $100 month. Could you afford a drop of $1400 a month from your income? Would it hurt your family if you lost that income? Of course it would and I am no different.

How can we change the situation? There is no easy answer that will magically make all the problems go away, but there are two main things I am doing that I hope will make a change. One is offering to write one article for each website. The other is by being honest as to how it hurts people when you take information from a site like this.

If you would like me to write an article for you, please contact me via our Contact Form on our blog.

Let me know the keyword you want me to use for your article and give me a link to your site so I can see what your site is about. I will aim the article at the type of person who would be a visitor to your site.

1) Do not ask me to write an entire site for you. I normally get paid $25 per article for a 300 to 500 word article, so unless you are willing to pay for them, I will only write one article per site.
2) I can only write a couple of articles per month. Most of the time I can have your article to you in less than a week, but please understand I am human and exactly when your article will be complete depends on many factors.
3) Only ask for gemstone, psychic, telekinesis or magic related articles. These are the subjects I have been writing on for over 40 years now.
4) If you ask for something other than a gemstone article, the link in the authors resource box may go to one of my other sites.

Don't forget to read my article on Why Plagiarism Hurts.

That is all there is to it. This ends up helping both of us and keeps you from breaking the anti-plagiarism laws.