Amethyst Crystal – Part 2

Amethyst Crystal – Part 2

  1. Hold an amethyst crystal in each hand while meditating to improve your ability to visualize. It opens your mind and visual centers. This allows a clearer vision of the secrets and wonders your mind has to show you, allowing you to learn, experience and see more than you have in the past.
  2. Place a few Amethyst crystals of any size from small individual stones; to medium or large sized amethyst clusters around any room where tempers may often flare. This is perfect for high stress jobs and businesses. It is a stone of peace and helps bring love and happiness to all who use it, which in turn, increases productivity.
  3. If you find yourself addicted to anything and you are working hard to break the addiction, an Amethyst Crystal can help. Hold a stone, ask it to take away the desire, then draw strength from the stone. It helps you let go of all types of addictions.

  4. Individual stones or any type of jewelry made with amethyst crystal makes a great gift for anyone that works as a psychic or those who show psychic abilities because they help increase all forms of psychic abilities.
  5. If you suffer from migraines, here’s an easy crystal healing remedy that many people swear works every time. Lay down and close your eyes. Place an Amethyst on your forehead and try to relax and allow the gemstone to do its work. If you drift off to sleep, that is fine. Most people find that as little of 15 minutes with an amethyst crystal is all it takes to make the headache go away.
  6. Many holistic health practitioners suggest amethyst crystal for muscle and joint injuries. Sprains have been helped to heal faster by placing an Amethyst within an elastic bandage that has been wrapped around the injured area. Simply wear it as close to the skin as possible and leave it within the bandage anytime you are wearing it.
  7. To help breathing problems heal faster; along with any medications from the doctor, place an amethyst crystal on the chest, between the lungs. Depending on the severity of the illness, you can actually tape a stone in place with a Band-Aid and sleep with it in place. A necklace or pendant that can hang in the general area between the lungs works also.
  8. To make an Amethyst Crystal elixir, place one or more amethyst crystals into a clear glass jar full of spring or mineral water. Allow the water to sit outdoors in the moon light for the entire night. The closer to the full moon the better on this one. You can use amethyst water to help clear blemishes and soften the skin. You can wash with it or use it as an ingredient in any muds or masks you may apply.
  9. Historical documentation suggests that amethyst crystal can help strengthen the bones. This makes it a great gift for anyone who has medical conditions in which the bones are not as strong as they should be, causing fractures and breaks to happen more often than normal. Any way in which you can keep an amethyst within the aura is fine, such as wearing one around your neck or carrying one in your pocket, could help to strengthen your bones.
  10. If you find yourself having problems sleeping at night and spend more time tossing and turning than actually sleeping, place an Amethyst under your pillow to help with insomnia.
  11. Dreams are often door ways to find solutions to our problems and/or to predict future events. To increase the number of dreams that you have and help you remember them when you awake, use an elastic hair band as a head band around your fore head. Slip a stone under the band as it is known to help bring dreams.
  12. Know someone who reads Tarot Cards? Give them an amethyst stone they can keep with their Tarot cards to help increase their attunement to the cards.
  13. If you or your children are prone to nightmares, place an amethyst under the pillow, but inside the case (so they don’t move). It is thought the amethyst absorbs the nightmares before they can wake you, so make sure you cleanse the stones of all negativity every couple of weeks.
  14. Bury a small Amethyst crystal at each entrance to your home to guard against thieves. An inexpensive strand of amethyst chips works perfectly for this. Don’t forget to bury some under each window, as well as the doors. If you have a window that is far away from a place where you could bury the stones, such as a window above a cement patio or porch, place a tumbled stone or small crystal formation on the window sill.
  15. Use the method above to protect against thieves and to also keep evil from your home. It will help keep all who wish you or your family harm from trying to come into your home. This is also helpful when the evil is in the form of spirits. It won’t get rid of any already in the home, but it can prevent them from attracting more negative entities into the home.
  16. If a man is looking for the perfect mate, someone that will work with him on a journey to build a life together, carry an Amethyst in your pocket to attract a good woman.
  17. For the women, if you think your man may be losing his interest in you, give him a gift of an Amethyst Crystal to increase his attraction to you. This could be in the form of a ring or pendant, or even a worry stone to keep in his pocket will do fine.
  18. To communicate with your Spirit Guide or Higher Self, find a peaceful time and place where you will not be interrupted. Hold an Amethyst crystal in each hand. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, feel the energies coming from the amethyst. Allow the energy to flow up your arms and into your head. Through your mind’s eye, watch them start to glow. Ask for your guide to come forward and speak with you. This helps you attune with your higher self.
  19. Make an Amethyst elixir and use it to bathe the parts of the body that are experiencing circulatory problems. It increases circulation in both the physical body and the etheric.
  20. With the crazy hectic world moving so fast around us, we often find ourselves stressed out beyond the capacity the human body was intended to take. Spend a few moments absorbing the energy of Amethyst crystals to help heal the nervous system.
  21. You have probably heard it said, “you are your own worst enemy”. Self-deception, especially when concerning matters of the heart cause more heart aches and chest pains than anything else mankind has ever came up with. Amethyst protects against self-deception and allows you to look at things the way they really are.
  22. Today’s busy world with the non-stop advertising for every product imaginable can leave us scattered, not knowing which way to go next. Amethyst helps to focus your energy, allowing you to get more done in less time.
  23. If your home has a buildup of negativity in it causing people to have short tempers or attracting the wrong situations to you, spread a few Amethyst Crystals around in the rooms where people stay the most. It helps remove negativity and creates a calm atmosphere in the home.
  24. Can help to open your link to the mystic knowledge and ancient wisdoms so many spend their lifetimes seeking.
  25. If you find yourself in an overworked or overstressed situation, hold an amethyst in your hand and allow all the tensions to travel down your arm and into the stone. Of course remember to cleanse the stone later to remove the negativity you’ve put into it.

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