Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal Quartz is one of the most common minerals on the planet and can be found almost anywhere. It is simply a matter of how much can be found at any one location and how easy the access to it is, that determines where it is mined. The United[…]

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Positive Vibes Imagae

Positive Vibes are Contagious

Positive Vibes are Contagious Everyone has their moments of weakness when their positive vibes desert them leaving a string of negative thoughts and deeds in their place. I have known people over 30 years who never had a negative reaction to anything life threw their way and suddenly, one day,[…]

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positive attitude image

Positive Attitude causes a chain reaction

Positive Attitude causes a chain reaction Our world has become so Un-peaceful we are experiencing a chain reaction of negative events and attitudes that reaches around the entire world. We have lost our positive attitudes. We have allowed governments, people, even the earth herself to become out of balance causing[…]

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